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I am a communications professional, but also an adjunct college instructor. As such education is part of my life. I am seeking a seat on the Verona Board of Education so that I can help ensure that all of our town's students can feed their intellectual curiosity, learn about social responsibility and reach their fullest potential in an inclusive environment. 

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Key Issues

A complete education

Verona is just 25 miles away from the world's most important global city. We must focus on ensuring our students receive a world-class education that prepares them for whatever is next in their lives.  As a school board, we must ensure our superintendent has the tools she needs to make the best decisions and work with the business director to uncover creative solutions for our all-too limited budget.


Verona is an enviable place to live. As such, our student population will grow in the coming decade. We must plan for growth by ensuring our facilities can adapt and that our teachers and administrators have the tools they need to put students in positions to succeed. 

The BOE's job

The axiom "all politics is local" would at first blush appear to apply to the Board of Education. I would argue that doesn't mean school related issues need to be polarizing. I have seen Verona residents come together countless times to help make our town the wonderful place it is. I have lived in six states during my life, and I have never seen a stronger sense of community than in Verona.


Verona schools are among the best in New Jersey. New Jersey schools, collectively, are among the best in the country. That doesn't mean our schools are perfect. We must always strive to improve. To be blunt, a good BOE is like an umpire in baseball. You know they are doing a good job when you don’t notice them. To that end, I see the BOE's role as one of putting the students, teachers and administrators in the best position to succeed:

Special services

Over the past year, Verona's new leadership has made significant steps toward improving the special services focus. There is still room to improve. I hear from too many parents who struggle to access critical services for their students. We need to develop a more family-friendly system that helps parents cut through the red tape. 


Verona schools have been experiencing notable turnover among staff. Students in general exhibit lower morale. We can fairly say that some of this is a result of the national challenges public schools face.

I strongly believe that the BOE made a very wise choice in choosing Ms. DiGiuseppe as its superintendent. I am impressed by her responsiveness and the wisdom she displays in the school board meetings. Over the past year she has made strategically sound hiring decisions for areas such as special services. She is also working hard to establish clear lines of accountability among all the staff. This business mindset will lead to long-term success. We must let her continue to strengthen that foundation.

Our students’ morale can improve when they are in an environment that makes them feel safe and secure. This requires teachers to have the support and training they need to best reach those students. To do this, we must trust the state’s curriculum. New Jersey public schools are among the best in the U.S.

Student performance

We must work to raise the performance of students. While it appears there was some decline ahead of the pandemic, it is clear COVID-19 accelerated the pace of that decline. The new superintendent has a history of elevating outcomes for teachers and students.  She has identified some gaps in professional development for staff that will ultimately benefit our students.

No student learns at the same pace or at the same fashion. While high performing students will almost always float to the top, some students who aren’t high performers or don’t quite struggle risk falling through the cracks. 

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